Your Airline Will See You Now

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Delta Air Line’s new facial recognition machines. Credit: Delta Air Lines

Public opinion of airlines is at an all-time low. Every day seems to bring a new story of passenger misfortune. To prove that it’s still customer-focused, Delta Air Lines is piloting a new program it says will speed things up when you drop off your bag at the airport. Instead of waiting in a typical bag check line, customers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport will soon be able to self-check their bags at special kiosks, one of which will include facial recognition technology. When a passenger swipes their passport at that kiosk, a camera will scan their face to confirm their identity.

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The airline says the program facilitates convenience, but Jennifer Lynch, senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, warns of a slippery slope: At what point does consumer-friendly facial recognition technology turn into airport surveillance? She joins Ira to discuss the good and the bad of Delta’s new facial recognition pilot program.

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Jennifer Lynch

Jennifer Lynch is Senior Staff Attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco, California.

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