Barry Estabrook
Author, Pig Tales: An Omnivore's Quest for Sustainable Meat (Norton, 2015)
Author, Tomatoland (2011)
James Beard Award-winning author
Vergennes, Vermont

May. 08, 2015

Tales From ‘Big Pig’

Barry Estabrook's latest book, Pig Tales, is a journey through the good, the bad and the ugly of hog farming.

barry estabrook, pig tales: an omnivore's quest for sustainable meat, pork

Aug. 26, 2011

The Unsavory Story Of Industrially-Grown Tomatoes

Barry Estabrook discusses supermarket tomatoes and the people who pick them in Tomatoland.

tomato, fruit, garden, farm, harvest


Michael Pollan Talks Plants and Food

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Cephalopod Spectacular


Mystery Box

Teaching Ancient Nautilus New Tricks

\tWith its heavy outer shell, weak vision, and primitive brain, the nautilus lacks much of the excitement of the more flashy and cunning cephalopods. Yet a series of experiments by evolutionary biologists Dr. Jennifer Basil and Robyn Crook involving fish juice, blue lights, and mazes dispels the notion that this ancient species is incapable of basic learning and throws into question the origins of cephalopods' intellectual prowess.

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