Sep. 05, 2013

Meet Jessica Banks, Kinetic Furniture Designer and Skull Embellisher

by The Secret Life of Scientists

The owner of the furniture company Rock, Paper, Robot creates objects that are both strange and beautiful.

jessica banks, robots, rock, scissors, robot, kinetic furniture
Aug. 20, 2013

Meet Ian Lipkin, Microbe Hunter and Hollywood Consultant

by The Secret Life of Scientists

He's the man behind the virus in Steven Soderbergh's film Contagion.

contagion, gwyneth paltrow, kate winslet, Steven Soderbergh, ian lipkin, microbe, microbiology, virus
Aug. 06, 2013

Meet Mireya Mayor, Primatologist and Former NFL Cheerleader

by The Secret Life of Scientists

This lemur lover is a born adventurer.

lemur, mireya meyor, primatologist
Jul. 23, 2013

Meet Robert Lynch, Evolutionary Anthropologist and Comedian

by The Secret Life of Scientists

Robert Lynch studies the role that humor plays in the development of the human species.

robert lynch, comedian, comedy, stand-up
Jul. 09, 2013

Meet Ina Vandebroek, Ethnobotanist and Salsa Dancer

by The Secret Life of Scientists

For this ethnobotanist, plants and people go together like french fries and mayonnaise (she's from Belgium).

ina vandebroek, spock, captain kirk, belgium, ethnobotanist, salsa, dancing, ethnobotany, plants
Jun. 11, 2013

Meet Paul Frommer, Linguist and Inventor of Avatar's Na'vi Language

by The Secret Life of Scientists

For this linguaphile, Avatar's Na'vi language isn't just fantasy. It's a lesson in communication.

na'vi, pandora, avatar, james cameron, paul frommer
May. 28, 2013

Meet Hugh Herr, Bionic Innovator and Rock Climber

by The Secret Life of Scientists

After losing both legs to gangrene, Hugh Herr was determined to build a better pair—for himself and others missing limbs.

hugh herr, bionic innovation, prosthetic limbs, rock climbing, gangrene
May. 14, 2013

Meet Susan Barry, Neurobiologist and 3D Visionary

by The Secret Life of Scientists

Susan Barry could only see in two dimensions until age 48, when her life changed forever.

susan barry, stereovision, secrete life of scientists and engineers, secret life of scientists, oliver sacks
Apr. 30, 2013

Meet Larry Rosenblum, Perceptual Psychologist and Magician

by The Secret Life of Scientists

This scientist studies human powers of perception that we might not even know we have.

larry rosenblum, secret life of scientists, perceptual psychologist, perceptual psychology, magic, magic tricks, sleight of hand
Apr. 17, 2013

Meet Jean Berko Gleason, a Founding Mom of Psycholinguistics

by The Secret Life of Scientists

Jean Berko Gleason studies the way we acquire language, how we lose it, and everything in between.

Jean Berko Gleason, psycholinguist
Apr. 02, 2013

Meet Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist and Cosmic Tie Collector

by The Secret Life of Scientists

Neil deGrasse Tyson, lover of space and space-themed ties, describes his work in 30 speedy seconds, then fields 10 questions.

neil degrasse tyson, space, astrophysics, astrophysicist, ties, cosmic ties, desktop diary, desktop diaries
Mar. 19, 2013

Meet Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist & Ice Skater

by The Secret Life of Scientists

When he's not creating equations that help explain the universe, Michio Kaku is spinning on ice.

michio kaku, theoretical physics, secret life of scientists, desktop diaries, ice skating
Mar. 05, 2013

Meet Rachel Collins, Microbiologist & Professional Wrestler

by The Secret Life of Scientists

A microbiologist who moonlights as a wrestler gives a sneak peak into her life.

Rachel Collins, microbiologist, The Secret Life of Scientists, NOVA, PBS, wrestler, wrestling, MsChif

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