Jul. 03, 2012

One Species at a Time: Loggerhead and Green Sea Turtles

by Encyclopedia of Life

Cyprus is split in half, with a Turkish sector in the north and a Greek sector in the south. The unofficial division makes scientific collaboration in this Mediterranean island nation all but impossible; it also complicates management of the island's endangered sea turtles.

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Jun. 19, 2012

Anole Lizards

by Encyclopedia of Life

Encyclopedia of Life fellow Rosario Castañeda takes us to the back rooms of Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology, searching through dozens of jars of pickled anole lizards to see the traces of evolution in action.

anole lizard, natural history, nature, reptile, lizard
Jun. 12, 2012

Fungi Podcast

by Encyclopedia of Life

This week’s EOL podcast begins with a riddle about a life form that’s all around us, yet rarely seen. Working under cover, it sends its ghostly tendrils into almost every corner of the terrestrial world. We associate it with death and decay, but life as we know it would be impossible without it.

fungi, nature, natural history, species,
Apr. 03, 2012

Ugandan Butterfly Podcast

by Encyclopedia of Life

Ugandan lepidopterist Perpetra Akite studies at a university in the capital city, far from the farm where she grew up. Since she began studying butterflies as a girl, the landscape of her homeland has changed radically, for butterflies as well as people. It’s change that can be measured in many ways—in the inches of rainfall, acres of forest cleared—or the span of a tiny butterfly’s wings. Ari Daniel Shapiro reports from Kigale.

butterflies, podcast, Uganda
Jan. 31, 2012

Sanibel Island Shells Podcast

by Encyclopedia of Life

In this podcast, Ari Daniel Shapiro joins the serious beachcombers along the high-tide line of Sanibel Island, Florida. These “shellers” come in search of beautiful sea shells, sometimes no bigger than a grain of rice, that are the remains of marine snails, bivalves, and other mollusks.

EOL, podcast, shells

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