Jul. 23, 2013

Meet Robert Lynch, Evolutionary Anthropologist and Comedian

by The Secret Life of Scientists

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Stand-up comedian Robert Lynch loves to make people laugh, but his comedy act also serves another purpose. Robert is an evolutionary anthropologist. Comedy clubs are his laboratory, and his mission is to explain the important role that humor plays in the development of the human species. It turns out, a case of the giggles can tell us more about ourselves than you might think. In the videos below, Robert discusses how laughter helps us identify other members of our "tribe," the difficulty of faking laughter, and the link between truth and humor. Learn more about Robert on his Secret Life homepage.
It's Funny Because We Think Its True

Watch Robert Lynch: It's Funny Because We Think It's True on PBS. See more from Secret Life of Scientists.

10 Questions

Watch 10 Questions for Robert Lynch on PBS. See more from Secret Life of Scientists.


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