Jun. 21, 2012

3D or Not 3D, That Is the Question

by Leslie Taylor

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3D printers could revolutionize manufacturing and usher in a new era of Make-It-Yourself. You name it, a 3D printer can probably make it: a belt buckle, a missing Duplo connector -- even a burrito! But what are the limits? How close can we get to Star Trek's replicators?
Check out the photo gallery above to see just how wide a range of products these gadgets can produce. Then, take our quiz to test how well you know the capabilities and limits of current 3D printing technology. We'll show you a few objects that were 3D printed along with a few red herrings we threw in. Can you figure out what was printed and what wasn't?

Have you dabbled in 3D printing? We want to see what you've made. Send a photo of your masterpiece to photos@sciencefriday.com and we'll post it online for other SciFri fans to admire.
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Leslie is Science Friday’s Web editor. She has a background in oceanography and is passionate about getting non-scientists and young people to realize how cool science can be.

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