Jun. 11, 2013

Meet Paul Frommer, Linguist and Inventor of Avatar's Na'vi Language

by The Secret Life of Scientists

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When James Cameron hired linguist Paul Frommer to devise a language for Avatar, Frommer never expected that his creation would have such staying power. Yet after the film shattered box office records, the Na'vi language spread from planet Pandora to take the internet by storm. Today, Na'vi is used for genuine communication, connecting Avatar fans and language enthusiasts around the globe.

In the videos below, Frommer describes James Cameron's craziest on-set requests, teaches us how to say "big blue backside" in Na'vi (shouldn't everyone know?), and describes how "every language is a unique window on the world."  Uncover more about Frommer on his Secret Life homepage, and don't forget to try the "Ten Letter Game" that he created to help fans learn Na'vi.
30-Second Science

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