Apr. 15, 2009

Alex and the Swimming Pepper

by Teachers Talking Science

By Science Mom

My five-year old son, Alexander, loves science. So each week, the two of us have pledged to do a science experiment. There are not too many rules – only that the experiment can be easily done in the kitchen of our apartment, and not leave too much of a mess. Last week, Alex tried to make rice bounce by putting it in a glass of carbonated liquid. It took us a few tries to get the experiment right, but eventually it worked.


This week, we had been thinking about doing an experiment to determine why it is sometimes hard to open a freezer door after it has just been closed. But then the folks at Talking Science gave Alex and me a wonderful kids science product to play with. It’s called Pop Bottle Science: 79 Amazing Experiments & Science Projects by Lynn Brunelle.

The Pop Bottle Science book comes in a large plastic bottle, which can be pulled apart to make a funnel or a bucket, depending on your scientific needs. The kit also contains a blue measuring cup, a set of yellow measuring spoons, some balloons and a cork.

So, Alex and I went looking through the book for an experiment to perform. We quickly found one that asked the question, “Can you make a bottle burp?” Alex – as a five-year-old boy who thinks anything to do with bodily functions is hysterical – started howling with laughter. “Burp!” he chortled. “

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