Mar. 19, 2013

Meet Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist & Ice Skater

by The Secret Life of Scientists

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You've probably heard of theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. Maybe you read one of his best-selling books, or more recently saw him chat about asteroids with Stephen Colbert. And when he's not creating equations that help explain the universe, Kaku can be found lacing up his figure skates and spinning on ice, where he says that the "laws of physics are in his favor." 
Kaku's earnest showmanship inspired one "Secret Life" producer to dub him the “Elvis of Science.” Whether he's using Newton's laws of motion to teach our associate producer how to figure skate, or chatting about string theory with Conan O'Brien, Kaku strives to make science fun and accessible to the public. In the videos below, Kaku describes theoretical physics in just 30 seconds, then answers 10 questions about his career and personal life. 
For more videos on Kaku, visit his Secret Life home page.
30-Second Science
10 Questions for Michio Kaku
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