Radio internship: Christopher Intagliata, Associate Senior Producer
Web internship: Julie Leibach, Managing Editor, Online
Phone (212) 840-2244
E-mails christopher@sciencefriday.com, jleibach@sciencefriday.com

Science Friday is a weekly radio program and producer of award-winning videos and original web journalism. The radio show, hosted by Ira Flatow, broadcasts weekly on PRI and covers all things scientific, from the geology of sinkholes to the physiology of laughter. The website, ScienceFriday.com, continues the conversation, offering videos, slideshows, and reported articles.

Science Friday offers both radio production internships and web internships. Descriptions follow.

Each week, staff from Science Friday’s radio production team interview scientists from around the world about their groundbreaking and news-making achievements. Behind the scenes, SciFri producers choose show topics, book and interview guests, write on-air copy and questions, and arrange the technical details of the show.

Science Friday radio interns assist with research and pitch story ideas for upcoming shows. They also screen listener phone calls during the show’s live broadcast, helping choose which callers may comment on air. Interns also have the opportunity to do segment-related research, sit in on pre-interviews (and eventually conduct them), book short segments, and write on-air copy and questions for host Ira Flatow.

Radio production interns must be available on both Monday and Friday, as well as one or two additional days per week. Interns who are producing a radio segment for a given week’s show must also be reachable by email/cell even when they’re not in the office.

This current internship opportunity will last 12 weeks, during which the intern will receive a stipend of $1,800.

The ideal candidate will have journalism experience and an interest in science. Please email a cover letter, resume, and three clips to Christopher Intagliata (christopher@sciencefriday.com). Stay tuned for details on open radio production internship positions. 

ScienceFriday.com offers videos, slideshows, and reported articles that complement the radio show’s coverage, extending the science conversation through the week.

Interns spend most of their time pitching story ideas and writing for the website. They also attend editorial meetings, during which they have the opportunity to learn about radio production. Other responsibilities include using a customized content management system (CMS) to update certain features on ScienceFriday.com on a weekly basis. Interns also learn how to research, resize, and publish photographs that accompany other site content. Because Science Friday is active on several social media platforms, interns help research new social media tools and best practices that contribute to Science Friday’s social media strategy. They also gain experience writing pithy and tone-appropriate text for sharing across social media channels. Interns assist with moderating the website’s comments as well.

Web interns are expected to work approximately three to four days per week for 12 weeks and can expect to receive a stipend of $1,800. 

The ideal candidate will have some journalism experience and an interest in science. Please email (no hard copies) a cover letter, resume, and three clips to Julie Leibach (jleibach@sciencefriday.com). We are not currently seeking interns at this time.  

The Science Friday Initiative is firmly committed to seeking qualified candidates for all job and internship openings and offers equal employment opportunity to all persons. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or in any other way prohibited by state and federal law.



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