Thomas O'Brian

Sep. 24, 2010

Testing Relativity With Better Clocks

With a precise enough clock, it's possible to test the time-dilation effects predicted by Einstein's theory of relativity -- without a space ship.

time, relativity, clocks, einstein

Feb. 29, 2008

Telling Time: Leap Year, Leap Day

This Friday is a date that comes only once every 28 years - Friday, February 29th. We'll talk about leap years, leap days, and the finer points of telling time.

time, date, leap year, calendar


Michael Pollan Talks Plants and Food

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Cetacean Science


Mystery Box

How Humpbacks Hunt With Bubbles

Humpback whales blow bubbles around schools of fish to concentrate them for easier capture. It's called a bubble net, says David Wiley, research coordinator for Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, and it's visible as a ring of bubbles at the surface. Now, with underwater digital tracking tags and custom visualization software, whale researchers can see what the whales are doing underwater when they're bubble-netting.

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