Oct. 17, 2012

Late Bloomers

by The Bug Chicks

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We were driving back from a workshop the other day when we saw several big, fluttering insects near the road. As we pulled up to the stoplight and got a closer look, we realized that they were mayflies!
Different species mayflies emerge throughout the year, from early spring to late fall. The late-emerging species have to beat the impending cold weather in order to mate and lay eggs. Seeing the mayflies in the chilly October air made us think of the video that we made for Texas A&M University's Department of Entomology. In it, we teach about the unique biology and behaviors of these animals. The high-speed mating and courtship scene is a must-see!
About The Bug Chicks

Kristie Reddick and Jessica Honaker are The Bug Chicks. They each have Masters Degrees in Entomology and love to teach people about insects and spiders.

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