Aug. 05, 2013

The People's Court: Arthropod Edition

by The Bug Chicks

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In July, we held a summer camp at Leach Botanical Gardens in Portland, Oregon. At this camp, kids could learn to make an insect documentary. We did a similar project with the kids from the Renaissance School last year, but this was the first time we crammed making a full video—scripting, researching, filming, and editing—into five days.
We spent the first day talking about what kind of documentary the kids should make. After a lot of discussion, they decided they wanted their video to illustrate how arthropods tend to get a bad rap. To do this, they set up an epic courtroom battle—The People of the World vs. Dr. Robert Wharton, entomologist. (The real Dr. Wharton was actually Kristie's major professor in grad school. Now he's immortalized in this film.)
Check out the video below! We're really proud of the campers—they put in a lot of hard work navigating the technical aspects of filming (cameras, sound, etc.) as well as learning about the biology and behavior of the arthropods they collected.

About The Bug Chicks

Kristie Reddick and Jessica Honaker are The Bug Chicks. They each have Masters Degrees in Entomology and love to teach people about insects and spiders.

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